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LED StreetLight
Aluminum Housing Solar Street Light

Model No.:GTL-SSL20~120W

LED Chip:Philips3030


Material:Extrusion Aluminum

all in one solar street light extrusion


Solar Street Lights make full use of energy from the sun - mono solar panel with high efficiency, LED source, intelligent controller, lithium battery are all in one. It uses excellent practical control technology such as controller with micro radar sensor, human infrared induction/microwave motion sensor, etc., combined with a simple integrated structural design, perfect for achieving higher brightness and lower power consumption . Long lifespan and free maintenance, strong waterproof and heat dissipation, and easy installation at the same time.

Integrated Style Design, which is Simple, Fashionable, Portable & Practical;
With Solar Energy to Supply the Power, Protection of the Earth Resources;
With Infrared Human Body Induction Technology,when someone comes, Light work with full power, otherwise work with 30% or 50% Low Power, Backup a longer lighting time; Sensor Induction Distance 9~12M;
Photosensitive Control, When Sunlight Enough for Charging, Automatic Lighting When No Sunlight
With Lithium-ion LiFePO4 battery to Ensure a Longer Lifespan;
Without Cable, Easy for Installation; Waterproof, Safe and Reliable;
With the idea of modular design,convenient for Installation, Maintenance and Repair;
Using Aluminum alloy as the main body material,with good rust and corrosion Resistance
Products Parameters:
Battery Type: New LifePO4 battery,    Working Temperature:-25℃-+65℃,    Waterproof Level:IP65,     Color Temperature:2700K-6500K,   Luminus Efficiency:160-170lm/W,   :18V High efficiency monocrystalline silicon Solar Panel, Warranty:3 Years
Aluminum Housing Solar Street Light(图1)


Model : GTL-SSL30WA
Solar Panel:18V 30W
LED Source:30W, Philips / Bridgelux 3030 Chips
Battery: 12V, 12AH
Working Time:12~15 Hours/Day
Mounting Height:3~5m
Space between Lamp::5~20m
Gross Weight:8.3KG

40W aluminum solar street light 

Model: GTL-SSL40WA
Solar Panel:18V 45W
LED Source: 40W, Philips / Bridgelux 3030 Chips
Battery: 12V, 21AH
Working Time:12~15 Hours/Day
Mounting Height:4~6m
Space between Lamp :15~20m
Gross Weight:13.5KG

60W Solar Street Light 

Model: GTL-SSL60WA
Solar Panel:18V / 60W
LED Source:60W, Philips / Bridgelux 3030 Chips
Battery: 12V, 24AH
Working Time:12-15 Hours /Day
Mounting Height:5~7m
Space between Lamp :20~25m
Gross Weight:14.5KG

80W aluminum solar street light 

Model: GTL-SSL80WA
Size :1080*355*140mm
Solar Panel:18V / 80W
LED Source:80W, Philips / Bridgelux 3030 Chips
Battery: 12V, 36AH
Working Time:12~15 Hours/Day
Mounting Height:6~8m
Space between Lamp:25~30m
Gross Weight:17.5KG / 18KG

100W Solar Street Light 

Model: GTL-SSL100WA
Solar Panel:18V 100W
LED Source :100W, Philips / Bridgelux 3030 Chips
Battery: 12V, 51AH
Working Time: 12~15 Hours /Day
Mounting Height: 8~9m
Space between Lamp: 30~35m
Package Size: Lamp: 1570*120*430mm  Bracket: 620*210*320mm
Gross Weight: Lamp: 17.5KG     Bracket: 7KG

120W aluminum solar street light 

Solar Panel:18V 130W
LED Source:120W, Philips / Bridgelux 3030 Chips
Battery: 12V, 72AH
Working Time:12~15 Hours/Day
Mounting Height:9~10m
Space between lights:30~35m
Package Size:Lamp: 1910*120*450MM  Bracket: 650*260*290MM
Gross Weight:Lamp: 22KG/23KG     Bracket: 7KG

Solar Street Light sensor

Mircowave sensor

With infrared body sensor will work automaticlly controlled by intelligent mode. 100% full bright mode when people pass through and energy-saving mode when people pass leave away.

Solar Street Light Mppt Controller

MPPT Controller

Solar Street Light Battery
LiFePO4 Lthium Battery

lthium battery has three main characteristics:reduce size,hig-capacity and long lifespan.

Solar Street Light LED Chip

With Philip / Bridgelux LED & High Transmittance PC Lens 
luminous effiency up to 170lm/w,and keep permanent stability as well as comfortable visual experience.
Aluminum Housing Solar Street Light(图11)
Smart control system,6 working mode can be choos:

Solar Street Light remote controlSolar Street Light remote control
Light Control Mode(L): On at dark and Off at dawn, Lighting All NightMicrowave Mode(M): After dark, people come full-brightness, people go far Dim
Solar Street Light remote controlSolar Street Light remote control
Time Mode(T):Lighting 6 hours off After dark.Time+ Microwave Mode(U): After 6 hours of Light After dark. Start the M mode, people come full-brightness, people go far Dim
Solar Street Light remote controlSolar Street Light remote control
Demo mode ( DEMO) Test button for M.Off mode ( OFF) Shutdown state, do not lighting days and all night.
Solar Street Light remote controller
Solar Street Light working mode
Solar Street Light Maintenance
Solar Street Light MaintenanceSolar Street Light install
all in one solar street light install
Aluminum Housing Solar Street Light(图24)Solar Street Light remote control

With CCTV Camera monitoring function

2.0MP CMOS image sensor


ResolutionL 1920*1080 @15fps


Day and night monitoring


The irradiation distance can reach 120m


IP66 dust-proof and waterproof design

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